Lunch menu on Facebook, restaurants and cafes websites

Weekly lunch menu directly on your site. Just enter it once in the application and publish automatically to different places at the same time and with the latest data.

Facebook page with current lunch menu

Publish your lunch menu on Facebook. Those few clicks is worth it to get into the largest social network ever. And it does not cost you a cent.

An example of the current lunch menu.
You can manage adding lunch menu on Facebook following a short instructional video without any expertise. It is very easy using iKlep POS Mobile application. It does not matter whether the customer looks at the website or his phone. The menu is always up to date.

Website with current lunch menu

The demonstration of the lunch menu on the restaurant website. Your website is like a business card. Your potential customers are looking for the contact information, photo, and current menu. Thanks to Mobile POS application iKelp the current lunch menu on the web becomes easy. You can do it even without any expertise. Place a short code on your website and your customers find exactly what they are looking for - current menu on your website. It will not cost you any extra work. As a rule, you enter menu in one place and only once.

Lunch menu as a post on Facebook

There is no better way to addvertize for your business than displaying your menu in the place where everyone spends time from morning till night - on Facebook. I mean, who's doesn’t want to know all the news from social networks?

In our application, you have it quite easy. Just share your lunch menu as a post on Facebook, set the date and time and the application itself ensures the establishment and adjustment of an entry as it would be done by a professional marketer. And if you have pictures of dishes, your contribution will be more engaging. Wouldn‘t you have Malacca chicken delicacy U Draka today? (See Illustration)

Intelligent table directly in the restaurant

Inteligetný stôl

Table in your restaurant is not just a piece of wood. Sticking a small label on it will help you better serve your  guests

You spend less time running and your guests do not need to call you each time. Less work will give you more time for puting your customer in the center of your business.

You can start using all of these benefits immediately, without complicated settings and no investment in equipment. Simple label on the table can get your restaurant literally into your guest‘s phones. Your guests will be able to order, ask for a receipt, browse your menu, but also rate your food and service.

Give your guests what they expect to get in the modern world.

For more information, visit Intelligent table.

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